HIPRA People
Martijn Seelie

Global Franchise Manager Ruminants at HIPRA Headquarters


"My HIPRA career started in the HIPRA Benelux subsidiary as a technical and marketing manager. Me and my family wanted new challenges and together we decided to come to Spain to live a new experience.

I was very pleased that HIPRA gave me the opportunity to continue my professional career in HIPRA headquarters as a Corporate Brand Manager in the Ruminant Business Unit.

Fortunately, I have experienced first-hand how HIPRA is committed to in-house talent and internal promotion.

After some years working at this biotechnological company, I still feel the same great sensation entering the front door as I did when I arrived the first time".

Martin Seelie
Raquel Teixeira

Global Product Manager Ruminants at HIPRA Headquarters       


"Since accepting the job offer, communication with HIPRA was fluid and friendly. All the details of my arrival were facilitated and organized so that they didn’t have additional worries to my transfer. The attention and care with which everything was planned and arranged on the first day made a very good impression on me. Everything was prepared for me, I lacked nothing, which made me feel comfortable and integrated into the company from the beginning.

Although the day was intense due to the amount of information received, the people facilitated the process. The entire team received me with kindness and empathy, ready to answer all my questions and help with anything I needed. Positive and open environment that made me feel welcome from the first moment. Without any doubt, a great welcome".

Testimonial Raquel
Natalia Rodrigues

Regional Finance & Administration Manager

“I have been working in HIPRA since 2008, when the company started up the production plant in Brazil. Over the years I have seen that being part of HIPRA has many positive points, such as an excellent working environment or the possibility to be promoted.

At the beginning I was working as a Financial Assistant and later I was invited to become a Regional Finance & Administration Manager of America. For me it was a great achievement, a new opportunity to grow and a recognition of my work until that moment.

Without a doubt, I am incredibly happy, grateful and motivated with this new challenge. I am proud to be part of this team”.

View video Natalia Rodrigues.

Natalia Rodrigues, HIPRA Regional Finance & Administration Manager
Gabriel Álvarez

Regional Manager Americas


“I have been working at HIPRA for 7 years now. I decided to make a change in my professional career when I first visited HIPRA as a client. I chose it and I would choose it again.

I started to work in the Marketing department at headquarters. Then, I moved to Mexico where I spent more than 5 years. Nowadays, I live in Bogotá and I take care of the subsidiaries of Colombia, Mexico, USA and Canada as a Regional Manager.

I have to deal with many challenges that arise every day. But it’s more worthy when I see the improvement of the teams I work with. They are impressive and they are the greatest value of the company.

HIPRA has given me many positive aspects not only on a professional level but also on a personal level. Getting to know people from all over the world that I can call friends now, this is the thing I loved the most. And for me that’s priceless”.

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Gabriel Alvarez HIPRA
Dani Blázquez

IT Applications & Project Technician at HIPRA Headquarters


"I started at HIPRA as a trainee in the IT department, made up of around 50 people. When I finished the internship, they offered me to join HIPRA as a worker.

I felt very recognized for the effort I had made during my days at the company.

My professional life perspectives changed thanks to working with talented and optimistic people.

It is a pleasure to be able to work with this positive environment to bring out the best in you.

I like that HIPRA bets on internal talent and on the development of its employees".

Testimonial Dani Blázquez
Aunchana Boonmakkaruna

Regulatory Affairs Assistant at HIPRA Thailand


"Working at HIPRA is one of the best decisions I made in my life.

I feel like one more in the organization since the first day as I received corporate culture orientation and clear and effective instruction. I can use my knowledge to the fullest.

HIPRA has given me good things and takes care for the employees. I am delighted to work in this company". 

Testimonial Aunchana
Carla Sofia Plácido Branco

Finance & Administration Manager at HIPRA Portugal


"In these 14 years at HIPRA, it has been extremely gratifying to work and be part of this company, that is always in a constant sustainable growth and I feel that I can also contribute to this growth every day.

I had the opportunity to grow professionally, daily there are more and big challenges that I always try to meet, and I always have all the support I need from all HQ departments.

At the subsidiary, we have an excellent working environment, we strive to keep our team motivated and dedicated and I believe that together we will continue to succeed and contribute to the growth and development of our company".

Testimonial Carla
Yenny Parra

Sales Representative at HIPRA Colombia


"For me as a veterinarian, HIPRA is the best working family I have ever had.

People treatment is respectful and very human. The quality, innovation and development of our products, support my technical work.

For this and many other things, I am proud to belong to this great company."

testimonial yenny