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We are researching for a new vaccine against Covid-19

Our experience in the development of vaccines against coronavirus has allowed us to start 2 lines of research: one on our own based on a recombinant protein, and another in collaboration with the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona based on RNA messenger.

50 years researching and producing vaccines:

As experts in vaccines for animal health, at HIPRA we have taken a firm step towards human health where we can contribute by providing multiple solutions thanks to our experience and knowledge in research, development, production and commercialization of vaccines.

Viruses that affect animals and humans have great biological similarities, so our know-how and experience in epidemiology provide high added value.

The biotechnology on which these projects are based:

In our own line of research, we are developing a vaccine based on a recombinant protein designed to induce a powerful neutralizing immune response to the Covid-19 virus and capable of providing high levels of safety.

It will be kept between +2 and + 8ºC, which will facilitate its logistics and distribution.

The vaccination strategy contemplates the different scenarios: primary vaccination, effectiveness against different variants of the virus and the revaccination dose, as it is not an Adenovirus vector vaccine.

Our productive capacity:

We anticipate being able to produce 600 million doses in 2022 alone and double this figure by 2023.

The HIPRA team is fully dedicated to vaccine research and production. Our R&D, Production and Quality Control departments have extensive experience in this field.

Our headquarters, located in Girona, has 56,000 m2 dedicated to the production of vaccines.

We are currently expanding our facilities with the construction of an additional 114,000 m2 that will include different production and research units equipped with advanced biotechnology.

Phases and schedule of the project:

With regard to our own line of research, if the preclinical phase culminates successfully, the clinical trial could begin in August and production would begin in October.

In this way, commercialization could begin during the first half of 2022, subject to obtaining the appropriate authorizations.

This project has the support of the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) as well as the Spanish Ministries of Health, Science and Innovation.

HIPRA in figures:

We have a strong and consolidated international presence.

We are a team of more than 2,400 people around the world and we have 39 operating and distribution subsidiaries of our own in more than 100 countries.

We have production plants (located in Spain and Brazil), 3 R&D centers (located in Spain, Brazil and the USA) and 11 diagnostic centers throughout the world.

Relevant aspects of these projects:

We are present in 39 countries with our own subsidiaries