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HIPRA’s responsibility to society

At HIPRA, we are committed to the global One Health strategy to combat the different animal health challenges. We believe that professionals dedicated to human, animal and environmental health must be united and form collaborative teams that enhance the experience of each of the sectors.

Research for a new vaccine for COVID-19

Currently in HIPRA we are researching a new vaccine for COVID-19 by conducting two lines of research: one on our own and another in collaboration with the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona  based on virus mRNA that guarantees long-term immunity. The own project has received financial support from the CDTI (Spanish Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology).

From the first minute

At the start of the health crisis caused by COVID-19, we contacted the public healthcare authorities to put at their disposal our new diagnostics lab and part of our technical staff.

For months we worked together in our facilities with teams from the Catalan Health Institute, the Institute of Biomedical Research of Girona and several local biotech startups.

The PCR sample process

Every day we processed around 1000 PCR tests on samples coming from several public hospitals and care homes in the province which were processed according to international protocols and the most stringent biosecurity and biocontainment measures.

This action was carried out in a completely impartial and supportive manner as part of HIPRA’s commitment to society in respect of the crisis caused by this pandemic.

Daily PCR tests
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Samples analyzed to date
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Maximum delivery of results

Production with 3D printers

At HIPRA we have also manufactured more than 1,000 items using 3D printers for the design of artificial respirators and face shields for these public hospitals. This project was coordinated through entities such as HP, LEITAT Managing Technologies and other public agencies.


11% of our annual turnover is invested in research